Howell Films is an award winning Wedding Film & Photography studio.

We specialize in telling inspiring stories through  Still and Motion Pictures.

Storytelling is our passion. We enjoy the entire creative process, 

from developing the initial concept of your story to capturing

the raw footage on set and finally to shaping

the end product with editing, Albums, Documentary Films, and Theatrical Feature Films.

Patrick Howell & Paul Howell are Story-tellers

with the goal of creating cinema-like wedding films

for those who don't want a traditional "wedding video.

Our approach

to capturing your day is this.

We want to capture your love story and re-tell it in such a way that your wedding film is timeless, beautiful and meaningful.

We aren’t about flashy music videos (unless you are a rock star of course).

We are there to pay close attention to the details, be aware of all the elements going on that make your day

so special and when necessary we may make small suggestions to gently guide you so that our angles are best and we don’t miss anything!

We often hear “we didn’t even know you were getting that.” and “I’m so glad you captured that, I completely forgot that happened.”

Our Wedding films are usually a mix of a romantic comedy and a true love story. Every couple is unique and every film is a true reflection of their wedding story.



Brands hire us to increase traffic, awareness, and conversions through creative storytelling. 
Every audience has a story.....Let us tell yours.

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